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Reel Time: The Ugly Truth (Blog)

Category: The Ugly Truth News
Article Date: September 15, 2009 | Publication: Through My Gooking Lass | Author: Razorlily
Source: Reel Time

Posted by: DaisyMay

The BF has been pestering me to watch The Ugly Truth since he saw the trailer. Sounds like a reversal of roles eh? Lol. He can be like that some times =) Anyway, we caught a midnight movie on Saturday (or is it counted as Sunday?) even though he had an exam on Sunday morning at 9am! (shows how desperate he was.. hehe)

The Ugly Truth is the name of a talk show by Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), who’s your typical male with raging hormones. He meets Abby Ritcher (Katherine Heigl) who’s this uptight control freak who’s desperate for her hot neighbour (check out his abs!). As all romantic comedies go, they end up falling in love.

That’s not what makes it funny and nice. Ok. Maybe the vibrating panties was interesting. OKAY. HILARIOUS lol.

I love how blatant Mike is about his own gender. So he says that all men just care about how big women’s boobs are, if they’re attractive and they like it when women don’t criticise them and are not control freaks. He teaches Abby to dress, flirt and laugh at everything a guy says and make the laugh sound like an orgasm. He makes all guys sound shallow (are they really?) and all girls like bimbos who don’t know how to use the cells in their brain. = But then, you see a bit of the softie side of Mike who teaches his nephew how to get a girl and tells his nephew not to listen to the nonsense he spouts on the show. =P After the movie, I asked the BF “are those things that true?” He replied, “You never know”. =.=

Anyway, I think Gerard Butler is a brilliant actor. He can do all kinds of movies… romantic comedy, sci-fi, warrior kind (300), romance dramas (PS I Love You, Time Traveler’s Wife). He is really convincing. Hell, he even convinced me that guys are really what he says they are! When I look at Katherine Heigl though, I just can’t shake the Grey’s Anatomy impression off her. I probably did watch too much Grey’s Anatomy (all 5 seasons of it). She isn’t too bad. But like the BF pointed out, she seems to be stereotyped for romantic comedies where she’s a super career woman who can’t find love.

To sum it up, I thought it was definitely worth my money, definite must-watch and to be able to keep me awake, not to mention laughing through most of the movie at 12am is no mean feat.


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