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Law Abiding Citizen Screening (Blog)

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Article Date: September 20, 2009 | Publication: Joy Somerville Blog | Author: Joy Somerville
Source: Joy Somerville Blog

Posted by: DaisyMay

The story really began on Tuesday night when Annette and I were at the Love Happens premiere. As usual the movie was late starting because of the Stars doing the red carpet thing. So I decided to check what was going on Twitter.

F. Gary Gray had posted a contest on Twitter for screening passes on Thursday. It took both Annette and I to read it twice to understand what the message meant. I became a mad woman trying to participate in the contest while we waited for the movie to begin! After the movie we walked to Jerry's Deli where I rudely continued to participate during dinner. Annette didn't seem to mind because she knew that if I won she would be my guest.

I hardly slept because as far as I knew I was the only one who was actively participating, but I wasn't sure I was doing it correctly. I woke up early at 6:00 am and was online again. Even though I was late, I sat in the parking lot at work and Twittered at least ten more times before going in. I had a hard time concentrating and couldn't resist checking Twitter to see what was going on.

At 10:55 AM I received an email:
You have a new direct message:
F_Gary_Gray: Contact Cecilia for screening passes for tomorrow.

I called Annette and told her, rather calmly, I had won the tickets!

The calmness faded when I received an email from Cecilia:

Here’s the invite, you can RSVP say you are F. Gary Gray’s Twitter Winner. Your tickets will be at will call tomorrow night.


LAW ABIDING CITIZEN is a thriller about a brilliant sociopath (Gerard Butler) who orchestrates a series of high-profile murders that grip the City of Philadelphia—all from inside his jail cell—and the prosecutor assigned to his case (Jamie Foxx) who realizes he is the only one who can end the reign of terror.




Thursday morning I woke up early, ate breakfast, deleted email, walked Zach, cleaned in the garage, cleaned the living room, and took a shower all by 11:00 am. So I made a list of things to do to keep me busy. Get car washed, go to Best Buy - memory card for Blackberry to have more room for pictures, CVS to pick up prescription and shampoo, get hair trimmed, and eat Lunch.

After I parked in the CVS parking lot, I saw the red blinking light on my Blackberry indicating I had an email.

Joy can you call me asap regarding tonight.

I called Ceilia.
She said, "Gary asked me to contact you. Gary would like to interview you on camera and I am calling to see if that would be okay.

O-M-G! What I had planned to wear quickly changed. I called Annette and told her the news. She was immediately panicked. I went about my shopping and when I got back into the car my cell phone rang again. It's Annette.
She asked, "Where are you? Are you sitting down?" Have you checked Twitter?"
I said, "No, I'm in the car. what's up?"

Annette read aloud:
F_Gary_Gray I have to introduce the film in 6 hours. Regina Hall, Bruce Mc Gill, & Gerard Butler will be there. This LAUNCH is going to be fun!

The rest of the afternoon is a blur until we get to the Arclight parking lot. Annette and I do last minute touch ups and make a pact. We decided that we will not hold hands, which we tend to do when we are overcome with excitement. We agree on a light nudge or elbow.

We were greeted warmly by Cecilia and the staff, who welcomed us to the party. Ceilia tells us that Gary was stuck in traffic on the 10 freeway and she would find us when he arrived. We met with Susan, the other winner of the contest, and her guest Sherrell. We mingle and are served appitizers and discover it was open bar. I ordered a Margarita hoping to calm my nerves.

Not long after F. Gary Gray arrives and Ceilia introduces him. He chats with us for a while and excuses himself so he can find a good location for the interview. He returns and we're escorted by Gary and his entourage to the Arclight courtyard were there are hundreds of people in line. Gary does his thing, directing us with what he wants us to talk about in the interview. We proceed with 3 takes, we pose for pictures, and then we're done. (Susan and I were so nervous we were holding hands behind Gary's back). Gary said the video would be edited and be posted later on Twitter.

Gary takes us back up stairs and excuses himself to talk with other guests, but came back occasionally to check on us. I ordered another Margarita and the waiters kept checking on us offering us appitizers.

About 10 minutes before the movie was to start I looked up and directly in front of me I see Gerard, he's facing the other direction, but I know it's him. I nudged Annette and say, "He's here."
Next thing we know Gerard is greeting us, but appoligizes because he has to go greet a lot of people before the movie begins.

We were ushered towards the theater. Gary finds us and we walked along with him and a group of men in suits, probably studio executives. At security we are stopped and one of the security inspectors tells Annette and Susan they can't come inside with their cameras. Gary is right behind us.

I said, "Gary, they won't let Annette and Susan inside with their cameras."
Gary said, "These ladies are with me."
The security guy says, "I'm sorry." and waves us through.

In the theater I show my ticket to an usher (the Arclight usually has assigned seats). He says, "Seats are not assigned, just find a seat anywhere." I looked up, the theater is filled.

I'm a bit confused, I realize our group should be following Gary. We are directed up the stairs, still unsure where we should be sitting. Ceilia finds us and tell the ushers that we are with Gary. So we wait in the aisle halfway up the stairs. I looked down on the other side of the rail and there's Gerard looking up at me smiling.
He said. "Hi."
I said, "Hi."

Someone had removed the taped reserved signs and we were allowed to take our seats which end up about the middle of the row of one of the two empty rows. With all this confusion going on I have to go to the bathroom badly! I decided I had to go then because the movie would be starting soon.

I just about ran down the stairs and down the hall, stopping briefly when Gerard said, "Hey Darling." I squeezed his arm. Next I saw Gary who said, "Hey?" And gave me a confused look a trying to figure out where I was running off to.

I missed Gary introducing the film and I made it back into the theater while Gerard was in the middle of talking so I missed what he said. Gary took the microphone back and talked some more, while Gerard made his way up the stairs and sat in front of us. Gary finished his introduction and the lights went dark and the movie began. The rest of the row beside me was empty, at least 10 seats. Next thing I knew Gary is sitting beside me and all his people are filling the seats.

Now, don't get me wrong, I really appreciated the VIP treatment and hanging out with Gary, but I couldn't concentrate and enjoy the film as I would have liked with Gerard in front of me and Gary beside me! I did love the movie, but I have to watch it again in a less stressful envirorment! LOL!

Gary had asked earlier to find him after the movie for an exit interview to get our reactions on the film. Gary and Gerard were surrounded being greeted by fans. Somehow we caught up to Gerard as he was being directed away by Joy his publisist.

Gerard saw Annette and I and stopped. He asked, "Did you like the movie?"
Just as he was hugging me I said, "I loved it."
Then he turned to Annette and asked the same thing.
Annette said, "I love it. It was great!" He gave her a big hug.
He said, "Goodbye." And then he was gone.

Gary found us with his camera man ready to interview me. He teased me during the interview about holding onto his arm during the movie. We got hugs, pictures and autographs, and thanked him for the wonderful night.

This is what Gary posted on Twitter the next morning!
F_Gary_Gray I had a great time hanging out with the contest winners JOY and SUSAN. Joy squeezed my arm the whole time (ouch!). Thanks GB Gals!

... So much for the pact!

Law Abiding Citizen in theaters October 16, 2009

I have to say I have been very lucky and never once taken for granted all my Hollywood experiences. When I won the contest I thought, YEAH! I won tickets to a screening! I've been to screenings before, like at Comic Con and saw Inglourious Basterds. So I thought the experience would be the same, you get into see the movie before everyone else and that would be all.

Gary really did a fantastic job making sure we were treated well and comfortable. He is a wonderful host and that speaks to what a kind and generous person he truly is.

Thank you F. Gary Gray for the most wonderful night!

Movie Review ~ Law Abiding Citizen
Firstly, I have to say, I had 2 margaritas (open bar) with hardly anything to eat, Gerard was sitting in front of us, Gary next to me, and the added stress of having to go to the restroom the second half of the movie -- to give it a fair critique.

Law Abiding Citizen, directed by F. Gary Gray, started with action, which I loved, with Clyde (Gerard Butler) and his family attacked. The pacing is fast, laying the foundation right away, then its 10 years later. Murders happen and Clyde is behind it all. He is calculating -- every move he makes has a purpose. I had one idea of how he was killing everyone from jail, but I was wrong! I never guessed the ending. Gerard and Jamie Foxx were terrific playing off each other. Gerard had you pulling for Clyde and at times you didn't like Nick (Jamie Foxx).

The music is great, composed by Brian Tyler. I would get anxious as the music built up ready for something bad to happen and it did! I loved the way the film was shot, the angles and the lighting. Its bloody and gruesome, but not Inglourious Basterds gruesome. When someone asks me what the movie is like, Silence of Lambs always comes to mind.

Kurt Wimmer's well written plot, kept me on the edge of my seat! I read the budget for the film was just $50 million, but it looked like a high budget film, costumes, sets, props, and explosions. Gary, Gerard, and Jamie as well as the entire cast were fantastic!

At one point I said to Gary, "Oh no you didn't!" Concerning a scene with Nick's daughter. Gary laughed.
During the nude scene I realized I had said aloud, "Oh my God." I leaned over to Gary and said, "Thank you."
He said, "You're welcome." And then laughed.
I remember grabbing his arm a few times too during some blow up scenes. (I blame it all on the liquid courage.)

Of course I have to see the movie again in a less stressful environment to give the movie a fair review. I wish I didn't have to wait until October 16th to see the movie again!

I told Gary that our group tries to see all of Gerard's movies 10 times each. He said he was going to hold me to it, but I have no worries, they won't need convincing to see this terrific movie over and over again. WE SHOOK ON IT! Well done F. Gary Gray!


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Law Abiding Citizen Film


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