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Gerry VS Gerard (Blog)

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: September 29, 2009 | Publication: Evol | Author: LUIS JOHN VOUGLEN
Source: Perfect Life Style

Posted by: DaisyMay

The 300 lad, Gerard butler has transformed himself this year into a love guru and a puppet in a small futuristic movie.
This time he’s done it again a perfectly. The ultimate British bachelor, strong, egoistic, romantic and self centered. In the Ugly Truth, Gerard butler is the love guru of our time. Smashing every rules inn the book including his own of his own show in the movie. Of course the wittily funny movie can’t do without Kat Highle, this chick flick is probably the funniest I’ve experience this year. The jokes that come out of it is endless and the girls would love a love triangle like what Kat’s character and Gerry Character went through.

On the other hand, the same month, the Gamer is own. The futuristic game of real life Sims where human is paying real life human that’s willing to act to play a virtual role on real life simulation. And the new controlling freak game of the year is gamer can control in mate that’s willing to fight in a war zone simulation to reduce their sentencing. There’s no doubt arguing about the social logic of the movie is insanely inhuman. But with the rate of the America’s inmate and jail system and the crowding of jail condition this time. It seems like a viable system, if only that’s a non-humane person that could actually create such technology and people that is willing to play the role of both the gamer and the person being played. Anyway why Gerard Butler is one of the best actor of our time, is that this time it’s a totally different role from The Ugly truth. He is the fugitive, the gamer, the strong willed, desperate fighter, soft lover and the loving family man that’s fighting for his life. To tell the truth the Gamer is futuristic and a bit too real for those that are playing any role player game in virtual right now. And the disconnection from what happening in the mind while you are playing that role is very real for today’s youth. Too real instead that it could become a reality. The special effects of the movie however is pretty 1990’s. But it does makes it seems more realistic than treated with special effects. And the module that the movie is working on is quite virtual gaming with the transformation of the people from real world to virtual and the intro of the gamer or the character of the game.


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