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Gerard Butler Bares His Butt and Likes It (Blog)

Category: Law Abiding Citizen News
Article Date: October 7, 2009 | Publication: OK Magazine | Author: Staff
Source: OK Magazine

Posted by: DaisyMay

Gerard Butler says he doesn’t mind showing off his butt — and neither do we!

In his new film, Law Abiding Citizen, the Gerard’s character is arrested… in the buff! Gerard tells Extra that, “It’s always nice to show a bit of butt,” while he attended the Hollywood premiere of his film on Tuesday.

“I don’t think it was gratuitous. I think there is a good reason for my nakedness in this movie,” Gerard added. Does there really need to be any reason at all? After seeing 300, we vote no.

Jamie Foxx, Gerard’s co-star said, “He has to do his whole thing for the ladies, which is great. But that’s when we men go to the concession stand.”

Probably not a bad idea, just make sure to bring back some water for the ladies to cool them down after!


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