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Category: Dear Frankie News
Article Date: September 10, 2004 | Publication: Kansas City Star | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

Butler's top 10 Kansas International Film Festival picks:

“Bazaar Bizarre”: A fanciful/disturbing riff on KC's own serial killer, Bob Berdella. (See story at right)

“Dear Frankie”: Scottish hankie-grabber about a deaf boy yearning for a father. Sounds icky. Isn't.

“Festival Express”: Documentary about '70s Canadian rock tour finally surfaces. With the Grateful Dead, the Band, Janis Joplin.

“Mean Creek”: “Stand By Me” meets “Deliverance,” with fantastic acting by an ensemble teen cast.

“The Naked Feminist”: Got porn? This doc about women in adult entertainment will have you rethinking your position.

“Origins of AIDS”: Is the AIDS epidemic the result of medical researchers cutting corners?

“A Peck on the Cheek”: Full-throttle Bollywood … war, a cute kid and musical numbers.

“Persons of Interest”: The stories of Muslim-Americans detained (some for more than a year) but never charged in the wake of 9/11.

“Straight Into Darkness”: Army deserters in World War II witness war's horrors. For those who found “Saving Private Ryan” too lighthearted.

“What the #$*! Do We Know!?”: Science meets New Age noodling. Result: transcendence.


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