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Weinstein Co. strikes deal with the Film Department

Category: Law Abiding Citizen News
Article Date: October 30, 2009 | Publication: Los Angeles Times | Author: Joe Flint
Source: Los Angeles Times

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The Weinstein Co. has struck a deal for all international rights with the Film Department, the production company founded by Mark Gill and Neil Sacker.

The two-year deal will commence with "Law Abiding Citizen," the Jamie Foxx - Gerard Butler thriller that opened this month. Other Film Department movies that will be part of the deal include Kate Hudson's "Earthbound." The deal comes on the eve of AFM, which starts next week in Santa Monica and is where movies are sold for international distribution.

"It's a very smart strategic partnership for us," said David Glasser, president of Weinstein Co.'s international operations.

"These are the kind of decisions you make to grow the company forward. It's a perfect fit with our slate." The Weinstein Co. expects to get foreign rights to at least four pictures a year from the Film Department.

Gill and Sacker have long ties to Weinstein brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Gill is a former president of Miramax/Los Angeles, which was founded by the Weinsteins, and Sacker used to head business affairs there. Gill went on to become president of Warner Independent Pictures.


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