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Article Date: November 20, 2009 | Publication: Showbiz Spy | Author: Adam
Source: Showbiz Spy

Posted by: DaisyMay

GERARD Butler had a tough time filming his new movie Law Abiding Citizen — because stress almost got the better of the Scottish actor.

In the film — which hits theaters later this month — Butler plays a man who takes on his family’s killers and the criminal justice system.

“I noticed a lot of the time while I was filming, I wasn’t in a great space or my stomach would be churning because of the other issues that would be going on,” said Butler, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday.

“But when I finished, that was tough. That was literally about three weeks or a month, I spent in a very funky place.

“I came back to Scotland after that, went away, went and climbed a couple of hills and got a tent out and went off to India.”

Butler was once a law student but said that wasn’t the only reason he was drawn to the movie.

“It’s just first of all a great story. It’s as much about climbing into the mind of a person who’s been so wrong, everything in his life has changed in one moment. What must that be like and what lengths would you go to as a person to take revenge, to hit out and answer back. I thought that was a far more compelling reason for me anyway, to do the movie, because that’s what would fascinate me as an audience member and as an actor,” he said.


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