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DVD Sales: Up Soars On The Chart, And That's The Not-So-Ugly Truth! (Blog)

Category: The Ugly Truth News
Article Date: November 24, 2009 | Publication: The Box Office Junkie | Author: Grady Smith
Source: The Box Office Junkie

Posted by: DaisyMay

It's Tuesday, which means the DVD Sales Chart is posted, and holiday sales are definitely picking up on the home market. This week, Disney-Pixar's Up had a very high profile debut, but that's not all that was going on in the DVD world. I think we all know the drill for these posts at this point, so keep on reading for my DVD Sales Notes and then the full chart.

DVD Sales Notes

-Up burst onto the scene in a big way this week, selling 5.3 million copies and earning a humongous $88.1 million in its first week. It also topped the Blu-Ray chart. Without a doubt, this is going to be the family DVD of the Christmas season, and as retail sales pick up substantially in the next few weeks, we could be looking at sales of 10+ million copies by years end. It just goes to show that quality still matters in Hollywood. Disney-Pixar are a quality brand, and people know it. That's why they're so economically successful and consistent.

-In second place is the Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth. It started with 1.1 million units and grossed $18 million in its first week, which is a fair result for the $88.9 million box office hit. The Proposal (which has earned $63.4 million thus far) opened a bit stronger, though. Its first week sales represented 23% of its total box office gross, whereas The Ugly Truth's first week sales were 20% of its total gross. Still, unless you actually went and bought this movie, there's nothing too shameful about this debut.



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