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Exclusive: 80s rockers Foreigner are shock support for Amy Macdonald

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: January 29, 2010 | Publication: Daily Record | Author: editors
Source: Daily Record

Posted by: admin

SCOTS songbird Amy Macdonald couldn't believe it when veteran rockers Foreigner were her support act at a gig in Switzerland.

The 80s supergroup, best known for power ballad I Wanna Know What Love Is, have always been a favourite of Amy and her band, who often belt out their hits on the tour bus.

Amy, 22, from Glasgow, was playing at the 90,000-capacity Snowpen Air festival.

She said: "I told the band Foreigner were on the bill and they didn't react because they thought we were supporting them. When I told them Foreigner were supporting us, they were really excited.

"I love power ballads and they do the most amazing ones."

Amy's comeback gig to launch her new album A Curious Thing at Glasgow's Barrowland this week was a great success.

The singer, who is engaged to Partick Thistle footballer Steve Lovell, was delighted to have fans from around the world in the audience.

Before she went on stage, she said: "I already played a gig in Stockholm so I got rid of my pre-match nerves.

"It's the fourth time I've played here and it's good to be back. As soon as I come through the doors, I feel at home. It is the best venue."

And Amy was planning to take it easy afterwards.
She said: "My friends are trying to persuade me to go out but I'm knackered and I've got Belgium at the weekend, so I'll probably just go to my bed."
Amy also took time out to record a special acoustic version of her new song Ordinary Life for the Daily Record website.

And she revealed Scots film star Gerard Butler inspired the tune. She said: "I was at Gerry Butler's premiere in Glasgow. At party, Gerry told me he loved me and had me on his iPod.

"I stayed in the background but felt bad because so many people were talking to him.

"He had the premiere here because he wanted his family to come and was trying to talk to them while other people were hounding him.
He must have posed for 100 photos and it made me realise I want to hold on to my ordinary life.

"Gerry doesn't know he inspired the song but maybe one day he might want to use it in a film."


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