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Gerard Butler to produce 'The Septembers of Shiraz'

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Article Date: September 29, 2010 | Publication: | Author: Ann Lake

Posted by: admin

Evil Twins, the Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel production shingle, have acquired the film rights to the critically-acclaimed novel The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer.

The novel takes place in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution, where rare-gem dealer Isaac Amin is arrested, wrongly accused of being a spy. Terrified by his disappearance, his family must reconcile a new world of cruelty and chaos with the collapse of everything they have known.

Sofer was born in Iran and fled at the age of ten to the United States with her family.While Butler will be producing, he will not star in the film.

While Butler is producing, he will not star in the production.

For more on Sofer and The Septembers of Shiraz, visit the Harper Collins website.


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