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Gerard Butler And 24 Co-Creator Developing Pinkerton Series

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Article Date: October 22, 2010 | Publication: Comic Book Resources | Author: Josh Wigler
Source: Comic Book Resources

Posted by: admin

Bob Cochran, the man who co-created 24 and, by extension, the torture-happy counter-terrorism expert Jack Bauer, is developing a new series with a similar intelligence expert at its core: a series all about historical detective Allan Pinkerton.

Deadline reports that Cochran and 300 star Gerard Butler are developing a Pinkerton limited series for Starz, with the network committing to a pilot episode and a series bible. It’s currently unclear whether or not Butler will star as the Scotland-born Pinkerton, but he’ll executive produce the project nonetheless.

Pinkerton, who emigrated to America at a young age, is described by Cochran as “an amazing guy – he took part in all the great sweeping events of the 19th century,” with his resume including foiling an assassination attempt on Abraham Lincoln and spy exploits for the North throughout the Civil War. Additionally, Pinkerton developed the Pinkerton National Detective Agency and assisted in the pursuit of several outlaw gangs, though he was unable to apprehend the notorious criminal Jesse James.

Described as a fictionalized retelling of the man’s life, Pinkerton is currently slated as an eight – ten-hour limited series. Cochran is reportedly leaving the door open for further outings with the historical figure should the show prove successful.


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