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Does Gerard Butler Have Oscar Chances For Marc Forster’s ‘Machine Gun Preacher?’ (Blog)

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Article Date: June 15, 2011 | Publication: The Film Stage | Author: Jordan Raup
Source: The Film Stage

Posted by: admin

The quick and practical answer to that question would be no, but stay with me. Gerard Butler‘s career has been mostly based on being a hunk of meat. Sometimes that hunk is used to charm the ladies (The Ugly Truth, The Bounty Hunter), and other times it is used for men with enticing action (300, Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen). It finally looks like he may be expanding his horizons. He has the highly-buzzed Coriolanus, the directorial debut of Ralph Fiennes, but there is also another film coming this year that is getting more recognition, and a new distributor.

Deadline reports that Relativity Media has taken over the North American distribution of Marc Forster‘s Machine Gun Preacher from Lionsgate. Butler stars alongside Michelle Monaghan, Kathy Baker, and Michael Shannon, in the “fact-based” film that follows Sam Childers, “a reformed badass who established an orphanage in war-torn Sudan and then supervised a militia to protect the kids who were being kidnapped to become child soldiers.”

Due to a request from Forster to release the film this year, the busy Lionsgate handed it to Relativity, who plan a fall release and an awards campaign. That last section may have caught you off guard, but there is said to be an Oscar-caliber performance from Butler, “akin to the one Halle Berry turned in for Monster’s Ball.” I couldn’t take this comment on its own, and I knew there have been a few test screenings in the LA area last month, so I scrounged up some comments from those who attended below. You can also check out extended ones on an un-official fan site of his, but I think the following comments give a more well-rounded view of the possibilities in store.

Had the good fortune last night to see a private screening of the not yet released film “Machine Gun Preacher” starring Gerard Butler in the true story of Sam Childers, a defender of Sudanese orphans. EASILY one of the most moving films I’ve EVER seen, I predict Butler will get Oscar nod portraying Childers, an extraordinary human being who proves ANYONE can turn their life around & be a force for good in the world. [source]

Saw this movie at an advanced screening with my husband last night and we both enjoyed it very much, not so much the subject matter (very sad) but the movie in general. VERY intense. At one point my husbands arm accidentally touched mine and I practically hit the ceiling (that’s how pi$$ed this movie got me). It’s one of those films that stays in your head for days. Michael Shannon was excellent and practically unrecognizable. I loved his character in World Trade Center. Great job by Gerard Butler and Souleymane Sy Savane too. Highly recommend! [source

Heard from a client who saw a screening of Gerard Butlers new film "Machine Gun Preacher." Film made her cry, she says it's a must see. [source]

I seriously was totally blown away by the film and by Sam’s story. It is the role of Gerard Butler’s career, for sure. There is A LOT of violence in it, but it’s necessary to show a realistic look at the incredible suff…ering of the kids in Sudan. I must have cried 10 different times during the film. [source]

Machine Gun Preacher Movie Preview last nite in LA. WOW 28 points above the avg.. Its gonna be BIG [source]

I just got back from a private screening of an upcoming motion picture called the “Machine Gun Preacher”. I believe this film is going to create a lot dialogue around peace vs. conflict to solve an issue. Marc Forster did a brilliant job directing. Stars Gerald Butler and Souleymane Sy Savane. [source]

Do you think Butler has a chance this awards season? Was this film on your radar?


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