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'Machine Gun Preacher': Gerard Butler reams out his banker -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Category: Machine Gun Preacher News
Article Date: August 30, 2011 | Publication: Entertainment Weekly | Author: Darren Franich
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Posted by: admin

In the true-life thriller Machine Gun Preacher, Gerard Butler plays Sam Childers, an ex-biker gang member who worked as an aid worker in East Africa and took on the Lord’s Resistance Army, a military group that forced children to become soldiers and left a trail of human rights abuses. In this exclusive clip from Preacher — which begins its limited platform release Sept. 23 — Childers begs the bank for an additional loan so that he can keep up his human rights work…but can you believe, those big-money fat cats won’t give him the dough? “Don’t tell me to calm down!” he shrieks. Watch the video here.


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