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Two lead roles for ROGER DUBUIS and Gerard Butler

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: September 6, 2011 | Publication: Roger Dubuis | Author: Press Release

Posted by: admin

As one of the most charismatic actors of his generation, his mold-breaking personality was bound to lead him into some unusual encounters. Gerard Butler has landed a new role and joined the family of Geneva-based fine watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS. Both of them are more into action than introspection, both approach their art head on, and both are driven by passion.

So is it surprising that last year Gerard's attention was caught by a certain watch in a store window? Since that moment, Gerard Butler has kept the faith with Geneva watchmaker ROGER DUBUIS and enjoys showing off this watch that is so like him, one of the Warrior range from the Excalibur collection. Intrigued by this Maison that shared so many of his values, he sought to discover more. The spell really took hold after a recent tour of the ROGER DUBUIS manufacture. "I'm blown away," said Butler - who has seen many things in his time - on discovering the world of fine watchmaking and its most arcane secrets in on site. The innovation, passion and creativity at ROGER DUBUIS were what struck him most during his visit, where he had a glimpse of all stages in the watchmaking process, with every step performed in-house by the Geneva company. Gerard Butler ended his tour with a long look at the Manufacturer's current models, particularly the Excalibur and La Monegasque collections.

As a friend of the ROGER DUBUIS brand, Gerard Butler intends to take an active role in spreading the word about the Swiss manufacture and introducing people to this unique world, bubbling in perpetual effervescence, where creativity rules and innovation is queen. Deliberately extravagant, the future is bright for the Swiss Maison, which values boldness as much as it respects tradition.

"Counting Gerard Butler among the brand's friends is all the more special since this proximity is a natural fit with the world of ROGER DUBUIS. Gerard's fire and powerful image resonate perfectly with the firm's watches and will increase publicity amongst an audience who appreciate art and aesthetics," ROGER DUBUIS CEO Georges Kern.

Gerard Butler happily admitted: "Watch making is just like the cinema, it hides a precise mechanism which must then generate emotion. The world of ROGER DUBUIS, the arrival of its collections, like spaces of freedom, perfectly matches my principles. You need to take chances in life. And always push yourself."

Founded in 1995 and based in Geneva, ROGER DUBUIS stands out with its avant-garde watches made in limited production runs, meeting the most demanding quality standards. The quest for excellence, the long search for the right motions, the development of unique skills are all constants of the Swiss Maison. Boldness and extravagance are the brand's signatures, and determination its engine. Distributed worldwide through an exclusive sales network, its flagship collections are named Excalibur and La Monegasque. ROGER DUBUIS is the only watchmaker in the world to have all of its movements stamped with the Geneva Hallmark, a guarantee of fine craftmanship.


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