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Mickey Rourke Puts ‘Motor City’ And ‘Sin City 2′ On His GPS

Category: Motor City News
Article Date: August 6, 2012 | Publication: | Author: MIKE FLEMING

Posted by: admin

EXCLUSIVE: Mickey Rourke is in talks to join Gerard Butler in the Albert Hughes-directed Motor City for Joel Silver’s Dark Castle. The drama, which centers on a man who is double crossed and seeks revenge on the guy who put him behind bars and took his woman, will be distributed domestically by Warner Bros. Rourke is also now in negotiations to make a return trip to Sin City 2, the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller sequel. He’ll reprise his role of Marv, the hulking tough guy with a soft spot for women. Wait, didn’t Rourke’s compelling character get the electric chair in the last film? He’s repped by ICM Partners.


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