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Gerard Butler: Kayaking is crazy

Category: Playing for Keeps News
Article Date: August 6, 2012 | Publication: Belfast Telegraph | Author: Editors
Source: Belfast Telegraph

Posted by: admin

Gerard Butler really enjoyed "kayaking to work".

The actor stars alongside Jessica Biel in their upcoming comedy drama Playing for Keeps.

Gerard portrays a former professional soccer player who moves back to Louisiana to reunite with his ex-wife, played by Jessica, and their son.

During his time filming in the bayous, Gerard found himself in odd predicaments while transporting himself to the set.

"I started kayaking to work, which was great," he told People magazine.

"The water got a little crazy one time and I had to abandon my plan and bring it back in, much to the amusement of everyone watching me."

Gerard's overall experience of shooting the feature was fantastic.

"I love the South," he gushed. "[The movie's] about a sport I love. I had a ball with the kids!"

Gerard has spoken previously about Jessica's superb athletic skills.

"She would come training with us. She's better than I am, which was a little embarrassing," he told the publication. "But she's an incredible athlete."

Playing for Keeps will be released in December.


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