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Most Eligible Bachelor

Category: Interviews
Article Date: November 7, 2004 | Publication: Scotland of Sunday | Author: editors

Posted by: admin

Lives: London and New York

Who is he?: this is possibly your last chance to get your hands on the very gorgeous Gerard Butler before his latest movie, Phantom of the Opera, propels him into the stratosphere. With the Joel Schumacher directed musical creating rumours of a potential Oscar nomination for the Glasgow-born law graduate, Butler is set to become a household name.

Currently knee-deep in snow and ice filming the epic fable Beowulf and Grendel in Iceland, he has worked with an impressive list of leading ladies such as a Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider II, Charlotte Rampling, Anna Friel, Rachel Weisz and Judy Dench, as well as Minnie Driver and Miranda Richardson in Phantom. But Emily Mortimer, his co-star in the Edinburgh Film Festival hit Dear Frankie, is his favourite so far. “She is cool, down to earth, wonderfully warm, a sweet human being – I loved her.”

Such thespian success is particularly sweet for Butler. Having survived an off the rails hard drinking stint in his youth, he despaired of making it as an actor until director Steven Berkoff spotted him in a café and offered him a role in his production of Coriolanus. Theatre work poured in, and playing Billy Connolly’s little brother in Mrs Brown proved to be his big screen debut. Americans adore him (Butler has played Dracula and Attila the Hun in big-budget television productions) and appeared in Reign of Fire with Matthew McConaughey, and Timeline again alongside Connolly.

Serious about his craft, Butler makes movies back to back, but finally took time to chill this year with a dizzying spin around Antigua, Cuba, Argentina, Spain, France, the US, Germany and Poland. With LA and fame beckoning, he might be a hard one to catch, but it’s surely worth the effort.
Pluses: Now that he has taken singing lessons for the role of the Phantom (he admits even his mates were dubious about his ability to carry a tune), he could serenade you after an argument – and just think of the red carpet opportunities.

Minuses: His peripatetic nature: “It is no surprise that I’m a bachelor – I’m never in one place long enough.”

Worst date: “I once went on a date with a girl and we had a drink in a bar, getting a little drunk. I was thinking it was fantastic and that we had clicked. She went to the toilet, and then I decided to go as well, picking up my jacket and cigarettes on the way. I must have been a while, because she thought I’d just legged it and so went off herself. I never heard from her again.”

Best chat up line: "Back in Scotland my new chat up line will be stapling the Eligibles list to my forehead"

Favourite book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Nothing is sexier than: "An unexpected, inviting glance."


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