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Gerard Butler is the New Face of Hugo Boss Fragrance: 'It Makes Me Feel Put Together'

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: October 3, 2014 | Publication: People Style Watch | Author: Loni Venti
Source: People

Posted by: admin

Ever wondered what Gerard Butler smells like? (C’mon, you know you have!) Well, wonder no more: We’ve got the scent straight from the man himself, and take it from us, it’s pretty amazing.

The actor is a longtime fan of Hugo Boss “Boss Bottled” (a blend of fruity notes, spices, and musky woods) and now, he’s taking over for Ryan Reynolds as the cologne’s ambassador.

According to Butler, it was “really an honor” to take on this collaboration — and he swears it was a natural fit. “I already loved the fragrance,” Butler said. “I enjoy the smell and I can wear it to anything. I wear it to red carpet events or just going out. Maybe even after paddleboarding,” he joked to PEOPLE.

But it wasn’t just the scent that got him on board for his first brand ambassador gig. He tells PEOPLE he aklso felt passionately about the message behind the campaign. “When they came to me with the idea, I was already enticed,” he said. “But then I saw the outline for the campaign itself and it felt very inspiring and thought-provoking. Something that goes beyond what it is to sell a product. It makes you think. It inspires you to do good, to be a gentleman. You really consider and meditate [on] what that takes. And I love that idea because I do that in my own life.”

Butler also shared that there’s a distinct advantage to being known for your rugged good looks: You’re also low-maintenance. “As you can see I don’t do much!” he said. “I shower, maybe use a bit of hair product and that’s it. It doesn’t take me more than twenty minutes to get ready for an event. So wearing fragrance makes me feel put together.”

Unfortunately we can’t share the experience of getting a whiff of Butler’s signature scent in person (we can tell you we don’t mind bragging about it, though). But you can get the next best thing by scooping one up for the Gerard Butler lookalike in your life at

Are you as stoked as us to see more swoon-worthy pics of the star? Who is your favorite cologne spokesperson? Tell us in the comments below!


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