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The Phantom of the Opera screening, SLIGHT SPOILERS!

Category: Phantom of the Opera Reviews
Article Date: November 12, 2004 | Publication: Oscarwatch Forums | Author: Daisyclover

Posted by: admin

I attended David Poland's screening of Phantom that was followed by a Q&A with the director. I'll try to give my honest take on it.

Firstly, before I get accused of being a fangirl, I have seen the stage show three times over the years. While I enjoyed parts of it, I didn't love it. So I wasn't really that interested in the film until I heard some of the songs the other day, and they sounded pretty good. My friend works at these screenings so I asked her to get me in to see it.

This is definitely a BP contender folks, and the audience was crazy about it. It wasn't perfect mind you, and I'll talk about that in a sec, but it was a feast for the senses.

Visually it was one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. The sets were huge and gorgeous with lots of detail. The lighting was mostly candles and gas lamps we were told, and they gave an authentic look to the film. There are plenty of amazing visual effects, but I don't want to give any of that away, but they were very exciting to see.

I don't like some of the music from the show, and the same held for the film. But seeing the actors close-up, singing so powerfully worked better on film. I got into the story on a much more emotional level.

Emmy Rossum has the most stunning voice! It almost made up for her lack of acting experience. If I had one problem with the film, it was her lack of facial expressions. She should get a Grammy, but I don't see an Oscar in her future for Phantom. It wasn't a big problem though because she was incredible beautiful, and likable. Did I mention her voice? Blew me away to find out she was only sixteen when they shot this.

Gerard Butler made for one hot Phantom! His performance was incredibly emotional and scary. He just made the film for me. Everything the Phantom is feeling came out in Gerard's voice. I really hope he gets a non for this.

The supporting actors were all great, and I may talk more about them later because I'm tired. But I have to mention Minnie Driver. She stole every scene she was in, big time! She was perfect as the comic relief. If she doesn't get a nom, there's no justice.

I'll add more later.


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