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Writer’s first day on set of movie

Category: Keepers News
Article Date: April 28, 2017 | Publication: Isle of Wight County Press | Author: Jon Moreno
Source: Isle of Wight County Press

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ISLAND actor and writer Joe Bone is pinching himself at being on the set of new Hollywood movie, Keepers, which he co-wrote and stars Gerard Butler and Peter Mullan.
Joe, 33, who grew up in Cowes, is in Port Logan, Western Scotland, for filming of the true story of three lighthouse keepers, who disappeared without a trace in a storm over a century ago, known in folklore as The Flannan Isle Mystery.

He said: “So far so good. I’m thrilled with how the first day went and how the actors are performing.”

In the film, the keepers arrive at the lighthouse for their six-week shift and as they settle into their routine, their lives change when they stumble upon gold — triggering a tense battle for survival.

Joe, inspired by the Island’s St Catherine’s Lighthouse, co-wrote Keepers with fellow actor Celyn Jones, who he met on the set of BBC drama, Castles in the Sky, in 2013.

The star of the one-man Bruce Bane stage play series will also have a small part in the psychological thriller.


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