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Article Date: November 18, 2004 | Publication: New York Post | Author: RUSSELL SCOTT SMITH

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NOW opening on Lexington Avenue: "Phantom of the Opera."

Of course, the Broadway show is still going strong, but Bloomingdale's is getting in on the act, with its holiday windows dedicated to the big-screen, big-budget version of the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

Lloyd Webber, director Joel Schumacher and the stars of the film, including Upper East Side native Emmy Rossum, will unveil the windows this afternoon at 4.

The Bloomies windows, which will stay up until New Year's, depict six set pieces from the film, which opens Dec. 22.

The director of window design, Harry Medina, used many of the actual props from the film, including the lantern that hangs on the Phantom's gondola and the gowns worn by opera singer Carlotta (Minnie Driver) and her entourage of fops.

Schumacher is especially eager to see how the windows turned out, since he began his career as a department-store window dresser in the 1960s.

"It was like putting on a new show every week," says Schumacher, who worked part-time at Henri Bendel while going to school for a fashion degree at Parsons School of Design.

During one of The Beatles' first visits to New York, in 1964, Schumacher filled the windows with huge images of the Fab Four and mannequins dressed in the grooviest Carnaby Street fashions.

Another time, he put a plate of glass behind the main window and smashed it, then placed all the mannequins in a corner, like they were huddling in fear.

"That one stopped traffic," he says.


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