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Category: Phantom of the Opera News
Article Date: November 18, 2004 | Publication: NewsDay | Author: Liz Smith

Posted by: admin

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER wants me to know I got one or two little facts incorrect in my praise for his coming movie of "The Phantom of the Opera." He says it cost $70 million to make, not $90 million. He adds he did not put his own money into the production entirely, but raised all the money for it himself.

P.S. Speaking of "Phantom," Bloomingdale's - that bastion of frenzied shopping on 59th Street - has something more orderly and cultural happening today at 4 p.m. Cast, crew and Webber will gather to present musical selections from the film. (The glorious soundtrack from Sony Classical hits stores Tuesday.) Bloomies features "Phantom"-themed windows for the holidays. Yep! A skulking, loony man in a mask always says Christmas to me!


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