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She's Scot the lot

Category: Burns News
Article Date: November 21, 2004 | Publication: Mail on Sunday | Author: Leon Forde

Posted by: admin

Julia Stiles is to brush up her Scottish accent for a warts-and-all film about the life of one of Britain's most colourful writers the ploughman-poet Robert Burns.

The film imaginatively titled Burns looks certain to be racy viewing.

Some historians still argue about whether the poet's death at the age of 37 was caused by alcoholism or venereal disease.

Others, however, attribute it to a lifetime spent in poverty. Stiles (above) is to play Jean Armour, who was mother to two of the 18th-century writer's many illegitimate children, and later married him.

Stiles herself is a keen student of literature she shuns the party circuit and juggles multi-milliondollar roles in films such as The Bourne Supremacy with studying English at America's prestigious Columbia University.

Burns director Vadim Jean says the actress 'has the grace, passion and style' to portray the woman who captured Burns's heart.

The film stars Gerard Butler, fresh from his lead in The Phantom of the Opera, and a galaxy of homegrown Scottish talent including John Hannah, James McAvoy and Brian Cox. It will be shot in Scotland next spring.


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