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Category: Phantom of the Opera Reviews
Article Date: December 3, 2004 | Publication: Yahoo Uk Movies | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

The film of the musical of the book has been a long time coming, and many were unconvinced that Joel Schumacher was the right choice for director. But the Hollywood director, who brought such bombast to Batman, maybe exactly what the film requires. Musicals, coming from the stage, are inherently over the top and Schumacher's American pizzazz helps to spice up Lloyd Webber's songs, which many people found insipid in the theatre.

Fans were upset when Gerard Butler was cast in place of Michael Crawford as the phantom, but at 62 the erstwhile Frank Spencer was probably considered too old for the cinema role. Butler does a decent job as the disfigured genius hellbent on revenge, Emmy Rossum his equal as the young singer with whom he falls in love.

But it's the turbocharged performances from Miranda Richardson and Minnie Driver that stick in the mind longest. Love it or loathe it, Schumacher's Phantom Of The Opera is never dull.


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