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Article Date: April 17, 2003 | Publication: The Express | Author: Gavin Docherty

Posted by: admin

SUNNY Govan is a long way from Hong Kong where screen hunk Gerry Butler has been helping Tomb Raider babe Angelina Jolie save the world.

But the hotshot Scot yesterday admitted: "Hollywood w as doing my head in." And so, the 32-year-old has been filming scenes for his latest movie, a tender family drama called Natural History, in the faded grandeur of Govan Town Hall, in Glasgow. The movie also stars 51st State actress Emily Mortimer, 31, daughter of barrister and playwright John Mortimer.

The all-Scottish production, in which Paisley-born Butler plays a sailor pretending to be Mortimer's young son's seaman dad for a day, makes a radical change for the star. Budgeted at around GBP 3million, its cost would barely cover the catering bill on Tomb Raider 2, a GBP 60million action adventure in which Butler plays Jolie's love interest.

However, the handsome actor certainly knows w hich side of the coin he prefers.

He said: "Sometimes y ou might not be particularly close with your leading lady - and that actually gives a different kind of chemistry on screen.

"But there's a big advantage in sparking up a bond - and I have so loved working with Emily. There is a great chemistry between us."

And with another potential blockbuster on general release soon, the Billy Connolly sci-fi thriller Timeline, Butler also has a very definite view of Hollywood action flicks.

He said: "I have done a lot of those bigger budget things, but they start to do your head in after a while.

"I thought it would be great to come and do something small and intimate where you felt a part of the creative process. Something that wasn't about saving the w orld and the universe."



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