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Notting Hill star filming in to

Category: Dear Frankie News
Article Date: March 25, 2003 | Publication: Greenock Telegraph | Author: Greenock Telegraph

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Emily Mortimer on location filming Natural History

WELL-KNOWN actress Emily Mortimer is shooting a film in Greenock, Gourock and Port Glasgow over the next seven weeks.

In the movie, called Natural History, she plays a single mother who bizarrely hires a father for the day for her deaf son Frankie.

The 31-year-old is the daughter of writer John Mortimer, best known for his series of Rumpole of the Bailey mystery novels.

Her previous roles include parts in the horror movie Scream 3 and the romance Notting Hill in which she played Hugh Grant’s ‘perfect’ blind date who was turned down in favour of Julia Roberts’ character.

Filming in Inverclyde started yesterday and the crew spent most of the morning shooting at Cardwell Bay, Gourock.

Several hours were spent on a number of scenes which included ones of Frankie throwing stones into the river and the couple taking a stroll along the beach.

The “dad” is played by Glaswegian Gerry Butler (32) who has previously acted alongside Billy Connolly and Judi Dench in Mrs Brown and Angeline Jolie in Tomb Raider 2.


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