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Category: Phantom of the Opera Reviews
Article Date: January 5, 2005 | Publication: Bradley Weekly | Author: Kimberly Wills

Posted by: admin

Phantom Is Feast For The Senses

Starring: Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler, Minnie Driver Directed by: Joel Schumacher 5 out of 5 stars Rated PG-13

A theater buff to the core, I was very excited to hear that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” was coming to the big screen. He was a producer and a co-writer on the screenplay, so I was sure it would be a great film.

Boy I was I off. Fantastic! Fabulous! Luscious! Absolutely gorgeous. These would more aptly describe the movie The Phantom of the Opera that is currently in limited release, including one screen at the new Rave Theater in Chattanooga. It goes nationwide January 21.

There I was, tearing up during the opening sequence as the first chords echoed through the theater. On the screen a dusty run down theater transformed into a vivid opera house circa 1870.

For those of you missed the Phantom hype of the last decade or so, the musical tells the story of Christine Daee, beautifully portrayed by Emmy Rossum (Day After Tomorrow), a chorus girl and ballet dancer at Opera Popularie in Paris. Throughout her time at the opera, she has been taking voice lessons with a mysterious teacher she never sees but believes to be the Angle of Music her dying father promised to send to watch over her.

Turns out, sweet innocent Christine is wrong, big time, and her “Angel” is none other than the opera ghost who seems to haunt the opera house. His presence in the opera house is reveled as new managers take over, and their patron Viscount Raoul De Chagny comes on the scene.

The young Raoul happens to be a childhood friend of Christine’s, though they had not seen each other for years. So ... there’s a love story there. But she’s also very attached to her Angel of Music, which creates a bit of tension as he is not willing to relinquish her to some young “insolent fool” like Raoul.

There are twists and turns to the story, which stays very close to the original musical version – the recording of which is a cast album top seller world wide.

The movie includes one new song “Learning to be Lonely” which earned Andrew Lloyd Webber a Golden Globe nomination. Rossum was also nominated as Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy and the movie was nominated for Best Picture in the Musical/Comedy category.


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