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MTV Hits - 12/16/04

Category: Transcripts
Article Date: December 16, 2004 | Publication: MTV | Author: MTV (transcriber - Fieryangel)

Posted by: admin

Quddus: Some movies are anticipated for months, but fans have been waiting years for this one – the most famous play on Broadway is now on the big screen. Welcome Gared (realizing he messed up) Gerard Butler (cue Phantom music)

Gerry: Hello

Q: The Phantom of the Opera (Applause)

Gerry: (inaudible. I think he says “Hello everyone”)

Q: You know it’s funny I was tripping up on your name and it’s such a simple name.

G: Gerard.

Q: Gerard.

G: You see, a, in Scotland we say Gerald, but you guys in America go “GeraRD” (doing American accent) It goes on forever, it’s like Gerarrrrrrd.(heavy accent on the r and d).

Q: So really I was hip with it when I was just saying it the way his country men would.

G: Say Gerry. Only my mum calls me Gerald (the way he says this is pronounced Jared).

Q: You know, I think we should call him Mr. Butler because this man and his whole cast were just nominated for a golden globe. (Applause) Congratulations man. That’s fantastic.

G: Thank you. Thank you.

Q: You know it’s a trip though; it hasn’t been released yet…

G: I know it’s kinda….

Q: and it’s already getting raves.

G: It’s kinda weird nobody’s even seen it so I don’t know why they voted for it…no I’m joking….You know it’s great . The movie hasn’t come out and we have a golden globe nomination for best movie but it deserves it. It’s really a fantastic movie. You guys have gotta go and see it. And honestly, if you don’t like it, you can come back and hit me. But I don’t think you will. I think you’ll love it.

Q: Well they’ll have to find you in Scotland ….I mean that’s the best place…(Laughing)

G: I know (laughs) I can say that ‘cause I’m flying out in an hour. (More laughs)

Q: And you actually play the Phantom which means a lot of singing and I hear that you were in a band before this experience of acting, so this must have been not too much of a stretch.

G: Yeah. I was in Aerosmith. I don’t know if you guys ever heard of ‘em. (Some people reacted in the audience…duh) No, no, no..I was in a band but I wasn’t in a professional band. I was training as a lawyer and I just did it for fun. So this kind of singing I’ve never done. I’ve never had a singing lesson in my life so it was kinda’ weird when they came to me, but I took a lot of lesson and then sang for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber which was fun and then I sang for the next 16 months and you can’t shut me up now, but don’t ask me to sing. (Laughs)

Q: Ah, we won’t put you on the spot. It’s alright. (Laughs) We’ll get into another video from (inaudible) New Years Eve performance with (This part he gets very mumbly) John Roland and Ashanti and (inaudible). We’ve got more with him (points to Gerry. Probably forgot his name again) (Applause)

(back from commercial break)

Q: Alright, this is MTV Hits, welcome back to us, Quddus. And that was your sneak peak at the new film version of “The Phantom of the Opera” which opens in select cities next week and nationwide January 21st. Still hanging with the Phantom himself, Gerard and uh, we saw in some of those scenes right there that Emmy Rossum is your co-star, and we recognize her from “Mystic River” right? (asking audience) She was great in that, how was it working with her?

G: It was cool, she was in “The Day After Tomorrow” as well which she was great in. She’s beautiful, y’know I, she’s from New York, she’s a New York girl for all you people, so that’s one up for New York, but she was 16 when she started filming and she walked on in the screen test and y’know, with her hair done and her costume and a star was born. She just was beautiful, she didn’t even have to sing a word and I was shaking JS the director saying ‘that’s Christine! That’s Christine you gotta take her!’ And then she sang like an angel and she’s also an incredible actress y’know.

Q: You could be her agent my man. You give her the good sell.

G: I should be her agent! I know I’m good at sellin’ everybody else but not myself, y’know? I’ve been tellin’ these guys how bad I am in the movie and how wonderful Emmy is!

Q: Well everybody knows the Phantom has to wear a mask to cover up the scar, how was that makeup process? Was it pretty thorough, I mean ya have to sit in the chair for hours or what?

G: Well, the mask was a different thing y’know. When you stuck it to your face sometimes you’d have to rip it off it was so tight, y’know and I’d get a lot of bruising and (making puppy dog eyes at the peeps on the floor) I really suffered. But the prosthetic was 9 hours the first 3 times I did it, and they glued my eye with a piece of silk and a string that went down the back of my face and it pulled down your eye and spent hours attaching it and painting it and y’know it’s 3 people just sitting there (makes jabbing motion at his eye) it’s like torture you know, you can’t move and people just pokin’ your eye and so it kinda drove me crazy and again, by the time I walked onto the set I had to be crazy anyway. So I was like (in very gruff voice) ‘C’mon, let’s go!’

Q: So it was good prep. We got a little holiday treat for ya man and we’re going to get that to you right after this video.

(video break)

Q: As we can all tell, your accent is Scottish right?

G: Noooo, no. (in “American” accent) I was born in Long Beach and uh…

Q: Dude!

G: I just do the Scottish thing y’know for extra charm. That’s it. Yeah.

Q: I mean is it hard though to kinda mask up your accent for these roles that you have to take on?

G: Eh, it can be, but actually the accent I do best is American because that’s the one you’d be asked to do that most. So I spent a lot of time walkin about, y’know, trying to pass off as an American. (“American” accent again) Can I have a latte please. (laughter) and waitin’ for somebody to go ‘what are you doin? It’s terrible!’ Which a few people did, but the more you do it, and I worked with a lot of dialect coaches and stuff, y’know, so. And I actually played a, I dunno if you guys know this, but in 1950 this country beat England at soccer in the World Cup in Brazil, and it was the biggest upset ever in the world cup. So I was playin’ one of the American team last year, I was playing (in his “Italian-American” accent) an Italian-American from St. Louis and uh, yeah. So. I’ve done it, y’know.

Q: Well congrats on that. I couldn’t do it. I mean I tried a Jamaican accent once in a while when I’m ordering jerk-chicken and it just doesn’t work.

(G laughs)

Q: Anyway, well since you’re here in the states promoting the Phantom, we wanted to make you feel a bit at home, y’know, so here’s a Scottish packed holiday stocking for you bro. (bagpipes start playing in the background)

G: Oh my gawd!

Q: We got some shortbread in there, we got some tea y’know so Merry Christmas.

G: This is Scottish as well (pointing to his stylish argyle print sweater) this is my Scottish top. I’m doin this one for you guys! (starts rummaging through the goodie bag)

Q: Yeah I see that, I see that, workin it out man. Well we’ll have to check Gerard (pronounced Jarod) out in “Phantom” which opens in selected cities December 22nd, and nationwide January 21st. Congrats on everything man and uh, thanks for coming by!

G: (holding up shortbread cookies—see above from Q) since when was this Scottish?


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