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The View - 12/24/04

Category: Transcripts
Article Date: December 24, 2004 | Publication: ABC TV | Author: ABC TV (transcript by fieryangel)

Posted by: admin

ER: (talking about her audition) ‘Cause I kind of like, thought it must be my cue to sing. So that’s exactly what I did.

Barb: What did you sing?
Joy: (same time as Barb) So what did you do?

Barb: Do it, just do it.

ER: No you have to go see the movie!

Joy: I saw it, it was wonderful, do it!

ER: I sang ‘ToM’ and ‘WYWSHA.’

Barb: some kind of garbled motivation egging Emmy on.

ER: (Sings two lines).

Everyone: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Meredith: And Gerry, so many actors wanted to play the Phantom, that is such a sought after role, and then you come along—relatively unknown—I understand even your mom didn’t know you knew how to sing?

GB: Yeah, she still doesn’t know I can sing.

Meredith: You can sing.

GB: Whenever I mentioned to people I was doing the movie, I could see their brain process working and saying ‘The Phantom? You’re doing the Phantom? Is it a musical?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah!’ and then they went…’Ok, ok...can you sing?’

Barb: Following MC, who became so world famous playing the Phantom all over the world…

GB: I couldn’t ever think of it like that, actually I never saw MC play the role, and we were always trying to do something very, very, very different with the movie y’know. And then you can just focus on what we’re trying to do. And we have a chance to make a much more intimate, romantic passionate…

(All the ladies in the house say “hell yeah”--not literally of course)

GB:…which is the value of making it a movie.

(fast forward to more questions with GB)

Barb: You have to wear that mask, how many different masks did you have? Is that one mask?

GB: No, no we went through quite a few. I think by the end of it we probably went through about fifty because when it was…if you touched them they often became smudged.

Barb: Was it hard to do that makeup for that disfigurement and the mask?

GB: That was a nightmare, because they had to glue my eye here (points to lower lid), and then attach a piece of string that went down my back and then pull it down…

ER: And people were tugging, people would tug it if he was bad.

GB: If I was bad tug it down and I was in makeup for—the first three times it was nine hours—and then we got it down to about five hours. So by that point in the movie, that’s when he’s going insane, so when I finished that, I was kind of in a psychological state to go out and take on the world, so it wasn’t nice.

Barb: The Phantom does not have this Scottish accent

GB: No, I think it’s an English accent. It’s supposed to be and English accent, God knows what it actually is.

Joy: Both accents are great, I wanted to ask you Emmy, you’re 18 years old, Barbara just said that, these guys are a little older than you. You had to do love scenes with these older men.

ER: Yeah! (as in, Austin Power’s-like “yeah baby”)

PW: Just out of high school.

Joy: How’d you feel about that, I mean you’re a baby, you’re a child.

ER: GOOD! (laughter from everyone) Look at them! They’re both very handsome guys and you know what, they were, if they were at all uncomfortable—I know I wasn’t—they were such gentlemen about it. I was 17 and most important they really treated me like their equal. So they were like my big brothers.

GB: We were never uncomfortable, I have to say!

Joy: You loved it Gerry, I have a feeling…

GB: Oh I loved it, yeah..yeah.

(some got cut again)

Meredith: (asking about being in that character to ER) How were you able to do it Emmy, were you just able to stay up all night with it there all the time?

ER: Absolutely yeah. And especially disassociating from a character that was so strong for me, someone who’s so kind of vulnerable and fragile in that way. Emotionally too, kind of tough for me to disassociate from, so yeah it was stuck it my head.

MD: I was doing the same thing, I would be going home and going (in Carlotta’s voice) ‘I wanta cappoocheeno! NOW!’ (shakes her self out of Carlotta) ‘Sorry, I want a coffee…’

Barb: You are so wonderful in this you are so funny, you are the comic relief!


Barb (onto a discussion about PW’s stage experience): In ‘The Full Monty’ you took it all off?

PW: I did.

Meredith: Do it again!

(Minnie and Emmy clap as female audience cheers…Patrick pretends to unbutton shirt)

PW: This old thing?

Minnie (clapping all the while): C’mon do it! Do it! Do it!

Meredith: C’mon it’s Christmas!

(Emmy hides face.)

PW (lifts up bottom of his shirt flashing his tumtum): Merry Christmas!

(laughter all around)

Joy: Do it and sing a high note at the same time! That would be acting.

PW: That’s the only way I can do it, that’s the only way I can do it. You have to.

Barb: All of you had to learn to do so many things. The two of you (pointing to Patrick and Gerry) had that sword fight, yeah? And (to Gerry) you had to do the whole number with the cape?

GB: Yeah, I had a bit of cape action going on.

Barb: We have a cape!


Barb: Here we are…we won’t make you (to PW) take it all off but we’ll make him do this (to GB).

GB: This is hilarious, I’ll do the cape. (to the audience who is cheering by the way) I haven’t…this was just sprung upon me about four minutes ago, so you have to forgive me if I mess up but…

Emmy: Give it a good swing!

(HUGE laugh from Patrick)

GB: Making my excuses already as I do to everything.

PW: He does it on the weekends anyway…

GB: Are we ready to go?

(everyone: we’re ready!)

GB: hrmmm! (swoosh on, swoosh off, swoosh around town!)

Meredith: Whoa!

GB: (takes a bow as the entire audience erupts in cheers) Merry Christmas!

Barb: And with a mask on and singing at the same time.

GB: And a corset! Not really…

ER: That was the girls!

(another cut)

Barb: We are all so excited about this film and all of you and we know that you’re going to become so very well known. Minnie of course already is very well known and just so wonderful in this. We thank you for coming on.

Barb mentions upcoming fashion show and asks Gerry if he wants to come on with the cape to which he replies: “oh I think I’ve done enough with that cape!”


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