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E! News Live Transcript - 12/22/04

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Article Date: December 22, 2004 | Publication: E! News Live | Author: E! (Transcript by fieryangel)

Posted by: admin

Gray-haired announcer guy: And you know what, you probably don’t even know his name…Gerard Butler is creating quite a buzz in his breakout role as the “The Phantom of the Opera. Alicia Davis has more on the man behind the mask.

AD: Gerard, or Gerry—as he’s known to his co-stars—never had a big role in a Hollywood production. The Scottish star is best known for his work on stage. In fact, he never wanted to be an actor, and let us in on a little secret.

GB: I’d never had a singing lesson before, y’know. I love to sing I my life, and I sung in a rock band when I was training as a lawyer, but this kind of music was a whole new experience for me and I literally didn’t know if I could do it.

AD: Yeah, he can do it.

GB: I hardly think it’s my movie, but it’s, it’s kind of funny actually because you get the title role, and yet you’re really not on screen like that. There’s, you’re being talked about all the time or thought about so you’re always, you’re presence is always there or thereabouts.

AD: It’s ironic that such a good looking guy is playing the disfigured Phantom, and Gerry says the director tried to capitalize on that.

GB: When we were filming, he was much more about ‘Ok, make it sexy!’ and I was like ‘but it’s so sad.’ ‘Yeah, I know it’s sad, but make it sexy.’ ‘Ok, but it’s so sad!’

AD: Looks only go so far, Gerry truly understands the Phantom’s pain.

GB: He wants to present that very kind of powerful, sexy, but ominous feel, especially in the mask. We had so much discussion about the mask—the shape, the texture, the facial expression—which for me was my favorite part of the mask. To understand how that makes people feel, is part of what he does. There’s a reason he wears that and with that facial expression. It was also, it’s a great look. I preferred the masked side to my normal side.

AD: Ok, so he’s humble, hot, and hilarious!

GB: What do I know (laughs).

AD: You know how to work a cape!

GB: I know how to work a cape. That’s about all I know how to do as an actor, and I can say in seven years acting or eight years acting, I’ve learned how to (makes swoosh sound) with my cape.


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