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Filming For Soccer Movie Begins In St. Louis

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Article Date: June 17, 2003 | Publication: KSDK News - St. Louis | Author: Dana Hollowell

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Hollywood has now come to St. Louis.

Monday was the second day of filming for the upcoming soccer drama "The Game of Their Lives".

They may be actors, but they play soccer for real.

Angelo Pizzo writer/producer of The Game of Their Lives, says, “before we cast our actors, we had them try out and make sure they could really play.”

The Simpkins are in yellow and the Steamfitters are in maroon. These are two 1950's teams.

The movie is about an American team in the 1950's that beat England to win the World Cup. Five of its team members were from St. Louis.

Gerard Butler is one of the actors and says, “there are a lot of injuries going on out there,” as a scene is shot on the soccer field.

Butler portrays goalie Frank Borghi. All actors went through two weeks of intense soccer training, and notes the actors are, “a lot of big babies. I’m the biggest, you know we are all, ‘oh my back’ .. ‘oh my ankle’ … ‘oh my’ We’re all covered with ice.”

Louis Mandylor plays Gino Pariani who played inside right on the world cup team, “I was a little nervous meeting Gino. He's a wonderful man. Just got into his vibe and his rhythm and accent.”

Gino says he never thought this would happen.

Gino’s real life son Glen plays a coach on the team his father played on some 50 years ago, “the best part about is to see these guys get the recognition they deserve.”

Authenticity is an important element of the production, too. Everything looks the way it did in the 1950s.

Ann Wallace Flick is the widow of World Cup team mate Pee Wee Wallace. Ann says this movie takes her back in time, “beautiful happy loving memories of a life that I wouldn’t trade. 31 years with him was a gift from God.”

The set is closed to the public. Filming in and around the St. Louis area will last until July 25th. From here, it's off to Rio de Janeiro for six weeks.


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