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Ross scores 'The Game of Their Lives':

Category: The Game of Their Lives News
Article Date: January 7, 2005 | Publication: Contact Music | Author:
Mikael Carlsson

Posted by: admin

William Ross is the new composer onboard The Game of Their Lives, David Anspaugh's film that was originally to have been scored by the late Jerry Goldsmith. The assignment has been confirmed by the Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency.

The film is directed by David Anspaugh who is best known for two other sports movies, Hoosiers and Rudy, both scored by Jerry Goldsmith. The Game of Their Lives would have been their third film together.

William Ross, whose latest score was Ladder 49, has done uplifting scores for sports movies before, his score for Tin Cup being a fan favourite. Production of The Game of Their Lives has been in limbo for quite some time, the fact that a new composer has been hired to score the film surely indicates that post-production is indeed progressing.


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