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Butler: Timeline Due In Fall?

Category: Timeline News
Article Date: April 21, 2003 | Publication: Sci Fi Wire | Author: Sci Fi Wire

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Gerard Butler, who stars in the upcoming film adaptation of Michael Crichton's SF novel Timeline, told SCI FI Wire that reshoots may have delayed the movie's opening, to November from an intended summer date. "I know that we changed some of the opening scenes," he said in an interview from London, where he is finishing up a role in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

Butler added that the problem was reassembling the film's eight key cast members, "every single one of whom was employed at the time." Butler plays Andre Marek, an archaeology professor who joins a team of graduate students as they travel in time back to 14th-century France.

Like the book, the film tries to portray the Middle Ages accurately, Butler said. "It certainly tried," he said. "I would say I thought one of the amazing things about the movie was that the set designer and the production designer created the most incredible castles and fortresses and walls. ... You just thought, 'Wow, this is really what it must have been like.'"

Butler added that he enjoyed the chance to play a knight. "I had to do some serious horse riding in [Timeline] and a good bit of jumping around and climbing over walls and sword fighting. In fact, I got smashed in the hand once, and everybody was convinced that it was broken. ... I mean, I saw stars sort of like for two seconds."


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