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Burns festival calls for more sponsorship

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Article Date: April 24, 2003 | Publication: The Stage | Author: The Stage

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Organisers of the first Burns Film and Television Festival in Ayrshire are calling for more sponsors in an attempt to turn the annual young people's event into one of the most important of its kind in Britain.

Already leading industry figures, including Karen Dunbar, Vadim Jean and actors Gerry Butler, Des Hamilton and Rory McCann, will be giving seminars to students and film and TV workers aged under 30 from across the UK. Members of the production teams for Faking It, The Book Group, Club Reps and Taggart will also talk. A one-off payment of GBP 5 gives access to all lectures held during the twoday event on May 3 and 4.

Costing an estimated GBP 20,000, the festival has already raised almost GBP 10,000 from Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire and Ayrshire and Arran Tourist Board. But producer Heather Curley said she wants to attract more funds so more seminars can be arranged.

"It is really important at this stage because there is so much support and interest for it, we don't have the money to set up other events because we hire venues and equipment with hard cash, " she said, adding the sponsorship of events will cost between GBP 400 and GBP 500.

"We are offering people the opportunity to sponsor individual workshops. There is quite a lot of future publicity because this is the first one."

For more information on sponsorship or the festival contact Heather Curley on 0141 300 3630.

Brian Marjoribanks has been appointed the new chairman of the Scottish Television Regional Board. Marjoribanks, who was most recently controller of nations and regions for the Independent Television Commission, will be responsible for advising Scottish TV executives on regional issues that affect the company.

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