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Miramax picks up rights to Scottish Drama!

Category: Dear Frankie News
Article Date: November 20, 2003 | Publication: Variety | Author: Variety

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LONDON- - Miramax Films has aquired Shona Auerbach's Scottish drama "Dear Frankie" for distribution in North and South America, Spain, Italy and Australia.

The Pic, starring Emily Mortimer and Gerard Butler, is the story of a single mother who writes letter's to her deaf 9-year old son, that she pretends are from his father, who is supposed to be having adventures around the world. When the ship the boy believes his father is sailing on turns up at the local port, the mother must find a way to sustain her fiction.

The movie, in post production and originally titled "Natual History," was produced by Stephen Evans and Caroline Wood's Scorpio Films for Pathe Pictures. Pathe struck a deal with Miramax last week at Mifed.

"We are very excited about collaborating with Miramax for the second time this year, and especially in thier support of Shona Auerbach, this talented first-time filmaker," Said Pathe's Francois Ivernal. Agnes Mentre, head of aquisitions at Miramax, said, "We are impressed with the writing and what we saw of "Dear Frankie." This touching story, with it's universal appeal, continues Miramax's quest to work with new, and talented filmakers and bring their work to a large audiance around the world.


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