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PVR brings home the Oscars

Category: Phantom of the Opera News
Article Date: February 12, 2005 | Publication: Chennai Online | Author: editors

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PVR Pictures (a fully-owned film distribution subsidiary of PVR Ltd.) will set ablaze the Oscar fever in the country by distributing some of the blockbuster Oscar-nominated movies in India. Movie lovers in the country can now look forward to viewing The Aviator, Finding Neverland and The Phantom of the Opera, slated for release just around the big Oscar night.

Sanjeev Bijli, Executive Director, PVR Pictures, said, "An Oscar nomination ensures an overnight interest in the movie and the curiosity factor is an ideal environment for the exhibitions industry. We at PVR Pictures are excited and proud to have won the nationwide distribution rights of some of the Oscar-nominated movies like The Aviator, Finding Neverland and The Phantom of the Opera. This is one more step in our constant endeavour to provide our patrons the best in cinema and a world class cinema viewing experience."

'The Aviator' is a movie about aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, the man who built the future. Starring Leonardo De Caprio and directed by Martin Scorsese, The Aviator has been nominated for 11 Academy Awards including the awards for actor in the leading role, Best Picture and direction. It is set for release in India a week before its fate is decided at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. The Aviator has already won three Golden Globes Awards including the Best Picture Award. In addition to this, Cate Blanchett has also bagged the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for this film.

Marc Forster's 'Finding Neverland', starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, is the next big release by PVR Pictures. The movie talks about a man's friendship with a family who inspired him to create Peter Pan. Finding Neverland has been nominated for 7 Oscar Awards, including Actor in the Leading Role, Best Picture and Costume Design. It promises to enthrall the audiences when it hits the screen on February 11, 2005, as the Valentine fever starts peaking.

Yet another acclaimed movie that PVR Pictures will bring to India is The Phantom of the Opera. It is a tale about a disfigured musical genius hidden away in the Paris Opera House, who terrorizes the opera company for the unwitting benefit of a young protege whom he trains and loves. Starring Gerard Butler, screenplay written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and directed by Joel Schumacher, The Phantom will hit the Indian screens in March. The movie, inspired by the Broadway hit musical, has bagged three Oscar nominations for the Art Direction, Cinematography and Music (Song) category.

PVR Pictures specialises in acquisition and local distribution of films. This is a strategic business unit aimed at solidifying PVR's exhibition growth and strength. To date, PVR Pictures has successfully released films produced by US-based production house Miramax such as Chicago, Scary Movie 3 and Laws of Attraction. PVR Pictures has also signed a 50:50 joint venture with Ram Gopal Verma's Verma Corporation Limited/ K Sera Sera's production company 'Factory'. The new venture, titled 'PVR/Factory' operates under the PVR Pictures entity and has exclusive distribution rights in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttranchal.


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