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Article Date: February 27, 2005 | Publication: Sunday Mail | Author: Siobhan Synnot

Posted by: admin

Eva's snog with Scots star Gerry

GORGEOUS Eva Mendes was stunned when Phantom Of The Opera star Gerard Butler planted a smacker on her LIPS the first time they met. Eva, 30, now counts the Scots actor - tipped as the next James Bond - as one of her best friends.

She said: 'I'm a friendly girl but Gerry took me by surprise. The first time we met, he was straight in there kissing me hello - smack on the mouth. I was going, 'Hey, nice to meet you too but usually the first time I meet someone they kiss me on the cheek'.'

Told that Scots can be quite shy when it comes to women, Eva laughed and said: 'Not the one I know.

'Gerry is such a flirt. He's really great and a fabulous friend. And of course he's very good-looking. But he cannot keep those lips under control.'

The actress is used to making an impression on men. Will Smith confessed to wife Jada that he fancied Eva after working with her on their latest film, Hitch.

He even tried to snog the Hollywood beauty while promoting the movie in Rio, Brazil.

But it seems Eva prefers her men a little rougher round the edges than the super smooth star. She used to have a thing for Oasis star Liam Gallagher.

She confessed: 'I had the biggest crush on him. Finally, I managed to get backstage and meet him. But I admired his songs so much and I was so in awe of him I couldn't say anything. I could not remember one of his songs. It was horrible.

'The only good thing was that he was not interested in me anyway. He just looked at me like I was dumb. Just thinking about it now makes me break out in a cold sweat.'

Maybe she'll have more luck with her latest music idols - Scots stars Franz Ferdinand and Belle and Sebastian.

The Miami-born actress said: 'I love Franz Ferdinand... they are my favourite band, along with Belle and Sebastian. It surprises some people but it's what I like. They sound really great.

'You guys have so much talent. I'd love to hear more bands from Scotland so if anyone has any suggestions as to who I should be listening to, I'm all ears.'

At least if she ever gets to meet her heroes they might just know who she is after the success of romantic comedy Hitch, which is No.1 at the US box office. She plays a gossip columnist who becomes the object of matchmaker Will Smith's affections.

The role has changed her opinion of showbiz scandal writers. She said: 'I did come away thinking it's nothing personal.

And I'm the last person to read those pages - unless I'm in them. Then I find them truly fascinating.

'My favourite untrue story about me was that I was naked, drunk and coming on to a girl.

My mum didn't think it was funny - but I loved it.'


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