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Ellen DeGeneres Interview - March 3, 2005

Category: Transcripts
Article Date: March 3, 2005 | Publication: NBC TV | Author: NBC TV - Transcribed by Carly Lynda

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“The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Guest: Gerard Butler

(Thursday, March 3rd, 2005)

~ ... ~

~ Lovingly transcribed by: Carly Lynda ~
(On Thursday, March 3rd, 2005)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ellen: “You know our next guest as the “Phantom” from last year’s “Phantom of the Opera”. Soon, you can catch him in a new film “Dear Frankie”. Take a look!”

(*An excerpt from the movie “Dear Frankie” is projected onscreen*)

(*After viewing of clip, clamorous clapping and cheerful yells are heard from the audience*)

Ellen: “Please welcome the very Scottish “Gerard Butler”!”

(*Gerry comes out looking dapper as ever, wearing black jeans, a tight black V-neck T-shirt with short sleeves and white tennis shoes, waves to the audience, flashes a radiant smile and does an impromptu jiggy-type dance to the music being played by Ellen’s DJ*)

(*Gerry then heads towards Ellen, waves once more to the audience, still smiling, sends out a kiss with a closed fist to the audience, kisses Ellen on both cheeks and they exchange a few muffled words between them while still standing, while the audience continues to cheer*)

(*Gerry is still standing due to the unrelentless loud cheers and screams coming from the audience, and he, in return, excitedly yells “Whoooo!” back at them, to the delight of the audience, and then finally sits down*)

Ellen: “Whuh … you … you said … you thought … I was going … I didn’t know if it was a one or a two thing (*referring to the welcome kisses*) in … in … uhm … Scot … Scotland.”

Gerry: “Uh … It’s not. But I think we’re just horny people there (Ellen: (voice over) “Uh-huh!”), so we tend to end at two, you know. I think that’s more a European thing. But … (Ellen: (voice over) “’cause you …”) If you can get a second kiss, why not!”

Ellen: “Guh … yeah! Well, you said … you thought I was coming in for a “snog”? Is that a “kiss”?”

Gerry: “That’s a proper kiss. That’s .. that’s like a … luh-luh-luh-luh-luh (*sticking out his tongue and vigorously sliding it up and down and side to side to show how it’s done*) … (Ellen: (voice over) “Oh!”) … Yeah! (Ellen: (voice over) “Yeah!”) … Yeah! You did it a second time, well, I said maybe you were coming in (Ellen: (voice over) “No!”) for a snog,”

Ellen: “No! The … This is daytime. We can’t do that in daytime.”

Gerry: (*somewhat uneasy, throws back his head slightly and strokes his throat*) “O.K!”

Ellen: “You go to the nighttime shows for that (*Gerry laughs*), if that’s what you’re looking for.”

(*Both Gerry and Ellen are now chuckling*)

Ellen: “Alright …”

Gerry: (*interrupting her*) “O.K.! Can you do the show at night then because that would be … that would be a … you know?”

Ellen: “Well, some people watch it at night, so it becomes a “nighttime” show. (*Gerry takes a sip of water from a mug sitting on the coffee table*) But, no, I didn’t go in for the “snog”. Uhm … So … so, (*mimicking a Scottish-like accent*) Geraaard, you’re from Scotland, my mate?”

Gerry: “Uhm, no! Ah … actually, (Ellen: (voice over) “Oh!”) I’m … I’m from Long Beach, California. (*clamorous applause and animated screams of excitement from the audience*). (*Now speaking to the audience*) I’ve been pretending the whole time. And you guys all fell for it, you … you know. I… I … (*Turns towards Ellen again*) No, I’m from Scotland. I’m from Glasgow, yeah.”

Ellen: “See! I’m jealous of that. (*Gerry lets out one of his trademark “Viking-ish” laughs*) You can just switch back and forth. I have the worst tuh … time … try… the only thing that I … when I try to do any … any accent, it … it sort of turns out almost like that … (*adopting a mock English accent*) the sort of.”

Gerry: (*laughing*) “O.K. Well, that’s a bit (*reflectively*) of Indian (Ellen: (voice over) “Yeah!”), with a bit of west coast of England, (Ellen: (voice over) “I know it!”) and with a bit of Bangladesh (Ellen: (voice over) “I know!”) thrown in, I think, yeah. What was it supposed to be? I don … I have no idea.”

Ellen: “I don’t know muh … (*adopting yet again a mock English/Scottish accent*) laddie.” (*Gerry laughs profusely*) I don’t know. I can’t do it! I can’t do it! Uhmmm … you’re very talented. And then, here you are in … see, (*Ellen holds up a picture for the audience of Gerry as the Phantom passionately holding on to Christine from behind during a scene in POTO’s “The Music of the Night”*) this is … this is good because this is the side of the face no one saw in … in the movie and this is now (*Ellen points towards Gerry's face*) … you’re seeing (*the camera comes in for a close-up of the POTO picture*) this side … (Gerry: (voice over) (*pointing to the right of side of his face*) “This is probably the best. This is probably the best, yeah!”) (*and the audience claps and “Whooo’s” at the picture*). It looks like a romance novel. It looks like the cover of some romance thing … the way you all … are … (Gerry: (voice over) It’s … uh …”) …standing.”

Gerry: “It’s not my favorite photograph in the movie, I have to say.”

Ellen: “Yeah. No?” (*inspecting the picture*)

Gerry: “You know. But … uhm … yeah!”

Ellen: “But so talented. And now (*placing the picture back on the end table*), this … this CAN’T be right! You get … you sang in the movie, right?”

Gerry: “Yes!”

Ellen: “And … and … yet, they didn’t … you went and took singing lessons? You just got the job and they didn’t even know if you could sing or not?”

Gerry: “Yeah! Basically, they came to me … uhm … Joel Schumacher said he was interested in me from an ACTING point of view for the role. (Ellen: (voice over) “Uh-huh!”) But could I sing? And … uh … by that point, I had taken a cuh … a couple of lessons … uh … uh … as SOON as they came to me I … I said, “Well, let me get … uh … my own singing coach”. And …”

Ellen: (*interrupting Gerry*) “And how long did you take singing lessons in order to do that?”

Gerry: “Uh … uh …two hours? No, I’m joking! (*chuckles*) Uhm … I did it … that was in January. In fact, I was singing through “Dear Frankie”, this mov… y’know, the movie I have coming out. Uh … and Emily says, in between takes, I would always be off in the corner singing to my feet. And, you know, because I was PRACTISING all the time. I was obsessed and … (Ellen: (voice over) “Wow!”) … uhm … So I sang from the January (*reflectively*) of 2003 right through to June of 2004.”

Ellen: “Wow!”

Gerry: “There were some breaks, but a … a lot of that was … was pr… I was … there was times I was singing 12 to 14 hours a day!”

Ellen: “Very impressive! Very impressive!”

Gerry: “Thank you!”

Ellen: “So … and so, tell us about “Dear Frankie”. (*Gerry smirks*) That movie is … uh … uh … it looks very sweet.”

Gerry: “O.K.! (*glaring at Ellen with wariness and points at her with his left pinky, while impishly smiling at her*) Y’know, I noticed the funny tone there when you said, “It looks very sweet.””

Ellen: “It does! Well, the little boy … (Gerry: (voice over) “O.K.! O.K!”) (*changes position in the chair*) … I know “sort of” about the story. That was … that was sincere!”

Gerry: “Uhm … Right! O.K.! Great! But … No! It’s just I’m … I … I … I get … uh … uh … it is very sweet and it’s charming and it’s … uh … I … I … I’m … so proud of … of this movie. It’s essentially about a little deaf boy who’s … who’s mute. And … and … and his mother … he … he writes letters to his father who he thinks is a sailor and you find out, as the movie goes on, that he’s actually writing to his mother and she’s created this story to try and protect the boy about the truth from his real father. But she’s also become … uhg …uhg … through these letters, she can climb into his world and see what’s going on inside him. And it turns out she’s in a bit of trouble because the ship that’s supposed to be coming … the … the … the ship that his father is supposed to be on is coming into town. So she has to find somebody to play his dad for a day, and … uh … and that’s where I come in. And … uh … it’s just … uh … but it’s … it’s such a gorgeous little movie and it’s so … (*deep breath*) … uh … at one point … I’ve never seen people crying so much at a movie and … and yet, at the same time, you come out with the biggest smile on your face. It’s so uplifting. (Ellen: (voice over) “That’s great!”) It’s … it’s … and it’s really refreshing and … and unusual and full …”

Ellen: (*interrupting Gerry*) “And the little boy looks adorable. Who’s … who’s playing him?”

Gerry: “He’s amazing. I think he’s recording now. His … his father is the … the … the songwriter and … and guitarist for “Texas”.”

Ellen: “Oh, really?!”

Gerry: “Yeah! Yeah!”

Ellen: “I love that band.”

Gerry: “Yeah, they’re great!”

Ellen: “Yeah.”

Gerry: “And … uh … Charlene, who is the singer for “Texas” … I ran into her at the airport, but I always run into her between Glasgow and London … (Ellen: (voice over) “Uh-hum!”) and … uh … uh … I must have seen her about 10 times, and she was telling me that he’s written all these songs and … and they’re amazing. (Ellen: (voice over) “That’s great!”) And he’s there recording. He’s … he’s incredible. He’s incredible.”

Ellen: “That’s great! That’s … “Texas” did the theme song for my sitcom … for “Ellen”.”

Gerry: (*with a surprised look*) “Oh! Is that right?!”

Ellen: “Yeah, they’re … they’re the ones who did the theme song.”

Gerry: “Aaaaah! (Ellen: (voice over) “Isn’t that interesting!”) They’re full of surprises as well.”

Ellen: “Well, anyway. Well, thank you so much for being here. I’m really impressed by that story. I can’t believe you … you got it as an actor and then the whole movie is singing and you started singing. And … and that’s incredible to me.”

Gerry: (*softly*) “Thank you!”

Ellen: “Thanks for being here. “Dear Frankie” is in select theaters this Friday. Brian McKnight is going to perform after this. We’ll be right back!”

(*Loud clapping and screams are heard from the audience, while Ellen and Gerry lean towards each other to speak in each other’s ears, as the camera slowly backs away from center stage and the screen projects the show’s logo to indicate commercial airtime*)



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