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Dear Frankie Review - E Online

Category: Dear Frankie Reviews
Article Date: March 5, 2005 | Publication: E Online | Author: reviewer

Posted by: admin

Dear Frankie, your mom is pulling one over on you. Well, Emily Mortimer has the best intentions when she crafts a ruse for her precocious, deaf son (10-year-old Jack McElhone), telling him that his father is a sailor willing but unable to return home. She even writes fake responses to kid's letters. And when the imaginary ship of her lie is revealed as real--and about to dock in their small Scottish town!--she enlists a hunky stranger (Gerard Butler) to masquerade as dad. Suffice to say, complications ensue. To say more would ruin the film's well-crafted surprises. Not surprising, though, and just as delicious are the tight, un-mushy screenplay, understated performances and an elegant score that steer this unusually poignant movie into the larger truths of family life. And that's no lie.

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