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Article Date: March 6, 2005 | Publication: Contact Music | Author: editors

Posted by: admin

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA star GERARD BUTLER credits his co-star EMMY ROSSUM with getting him in the right frame of mind to play beloved Scottish poet ROBERT BURNS - by buying him volumes of the wordsmith's works.

The Scottish movie star is to play Burns in a new biopic and he admits Rossum gave him all he needed to prepare for the part.

He says, "Emmy bought me an original four bound volume of Burns' poetry and letters for my birthday during Phantom. She found them in an old book shop.

"So I have to plenty of literature to be getting on with. I'm going to spend some time back home in Scotland and become immersed in Burns country and hang out."

But Butler fears his studies into Burns' writings will ruin his own chances of becoming a poet - because his efforts are pathetic in comparison.

The romantic actor explains, "I don't possess his ability for writing poetry and romantic letters. I'm not a poet, especially when you read his poetry.

"There are so many lines used in the English language that came from Robert Burns' poetry and he's celebrated in the strangest places - there are Burns clubs in Africa and they really love him in Russia."


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