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Hollywood Hits St. Louis

Category: The Game of Their Lives News
Article Date: April 18, 2005 | Publication: KPLR | Author: Editors

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Hollywood cruised into St. Louis Sunday afternoon for a special screening of the movie "Game of Their Lives."

The movie is based on the true story of the 1950 U.S. Soccer Team that, against all odds, beat England. Five of the eleven players hailed from St. Louis. And part of the movie was filmed here too. So on Sunday not only were some well known actors walking the red carpet in front of the Esquire Theater some of the 1950 soccer players were there too, and of course screaming fans. "Oh - I'm gonna die," screams Alexandria Brady, after Gerard Butler hugged her.

She was just one of many excited fans who packed the sidewalk trying to get a glimpse of some of Hollywood's hottest. "Give me a kiss," smiles Butler as he gives a young girl a peck on the cheek. Cameras clicking, autograph signings, the actors say they just had to be here. "I love this place... said to all the guys we all wanted to make sure that we came here to St. Louis because the people were amazing it was really special to know that story, read the story and know you're gonna film and then to suddenly be there playing in the same park meeting the guys who created the story - the real heroes," said Butler.

He played Frank Borghi, the 1950 U.S. Soccer goalie, in the movie. The two became close while filming here and eagerly awaited this reunion. When Frank was asked what his favorite part of the day was he replied, "Seeing Gerard again." Then Butler kissed him on the head and replied, "And for me seeing him again."

"It brings back some of the old days and it's nice to be with friends again," describes 1950 U.S. Soccer player Harry Keough. Harry's son-in-law acted in the movie and he had some insight since he's also from St. Louis. "This movie does show the intrigue of the city with the Hill and the various areas around Forest Park, Soldan High School," said Joe Erker who plays Chubby Lyons in the movie.

St. Louis scoring on the big screen around the world - had the crowd cheering. But everyone wants to know one thing. "You wanna know why soccer is the worlds greatest sport?" said the beginning of the movie's promo. But the question isn't anything at all about soccer but who made the cut. "It's going to be exciting to see which St. Louisans make the cut in the final movie," states St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. St. Louisans can check out the movie on Tuesday, April 22nd. It is playing at Wehrenberg Ronnie's 20 Cine, Chase Park Plaza Cinemas, and Regal St. Louis Mills Stadium 18.

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