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After the "Game," actor Butler offers "Phantom" performance

Category: The Game of Their Lives News
Article Date: April 20, 2005 | Publication: St. Louis Post Dispatch | Author: Deb Peterson

Posted by: admin

PHAN-TASTIC: Our town scored big hosting the hunky actors who played soccer stars in "The Game of Their Lives," a film shot here. After Sunday's premiere at the Esquire, cast members went to the Chase's Cafe Eau, where patrons got a kick out of Gerard Butler, who plays the goalie. Butler, who also starred in the movie version of the "Phantom of the Opera," leaped onto a chair during dinner and treated guests to an impromptu performance of a verse from the musical. Among the glitterati enjoying Butler's impromptu performance were David Anspaugh, Angelo Pizzo, Jay Rodan and brothers Louis and Costas Mandylor. Local crew members at Eau included Dan Kincaid, location manager, and car man Marty Luepker, who supplied the period vehicles for the film, which takes place in the 1950s. Among the starstruck was Brandyn Jones, aide to Board of Aldermen prez James Shrewsbury.


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