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Gerard Butler is Hollywood's new sex symbol. And, he's single...

Category: Interviews
Article Date: April 26, 2005 | Publication: In Style - German Edition | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

Thanks to Ally and Danny_Flux for the translation.

His deep, smokey voice serves to emphasise his sex appeal: Gerard Butler, noticeable as Angelina Jolie's Lover in "Tomb Raider II: Cradle of Life", and arousing in "Phantom of the Opera", is a complete guy: broad shoulders, striking features and a baby-what-could-be-better-than-me look. Starting April 21, the 35 year-old Scot can be seen in the romantic drama, "Dear Frankie", out in theatres.

You get before the cameras with beautiful women like Angelina Jolie, and now Emily Mortimer. Your friends must envy you...
Yeah, I'm a damn luck-magnet! But the girls are also pretty lucky because I'm a rather good-looking guy!

Nevertheless you are, at the moment, single, right?
(hesitantly) Hmmm...yeah, I'd say so.

What should a woman have to amend this status?
Oh, I hate these questions!

But as one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors, you don't get around much!
It's because I don't like this attitude that here in L.A., many women unfortunately put on. I like natural, nice girls with personality.

So you are not adverse toward the girl-next-door type of woman?

That I certainly am not.

One becomes acquainted with a woman in your business only with difficulty?
Exactly! And that is possibly the reason why I'm single.

What kind of clothing should a woman wear to impress you?
For festive events, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with breath-taking style, that's just simply, wonderfully feminine.

And what does your style for outings look like?
At premieres I dress elegantly: chic, nice shoes. But when it's my choice, I go for washed-out jeans and a t-shirt: cool, easy, casual.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?
Oh I wish I still had it! About 29 years ago, I had a blue t-shirt that was given to me, which went down to my knees at the time. My mother's best girlfriend had brought it back from Canada for me. It had "Calgary" printed on it. Naturally, over the years it became totally washed out and faded, but I loved it! I recently lost it while on a trip. It broke my heart.


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