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The Phantom of the Opera - Gerard Butler

Category: Interviews
Article Date: February 15, 2005 | Publication: Jyosei-jishin (Japanese ladies magazine) | Author: editors

Posted by: admin

[Thanks to Mina for the translation]

Cinema Interview

He was selected as the position whom he longed for very much. How is the real face of him who played "Phantom" ,who highly praised even Lord ALW ?

"In fact, I changed my job to an actor right before I became a lawyer. isn't it crazy ?"

The world of the Opera where anyone longs for once. An overseas musical is difficult to approach. But it is a good news. New release of a movie. The unrivaled article product which is full of whole book famous tunes.
And, as you see , it is super handsome Gerard Butler that plays the world's sexiest "Phantom".
Joel (Directer)hoped him to play "Phantom".

" He called my agent three times. And he asked whether I could sing. (lol)
This had been planned for 16 years.

Robert Redford and John Travolta were candidate for the Phantom role, too.
I was really lucky.

He called my agent three times. And I asked it whether I could sing. (笑

This was planned for 16 years.

I was deeply impressed by the loneliness that phantom who wasn't loved by anyone , while listening to the original cast CD ."

RR and JT were candidate leading role, too.
I was really lucky.

As a result he got official guarantee by the Great composer Lord ALW , who has the noble title
by the masterpieces ,"Cats" and "Evita".

When Gerard sang , at the house of Lord ALW, he felt tense.
As he'd never had vioce lessons, he was a beginner and was innocent.
It seemed to be rather attractive .

For the making of position he made a amount of trials and errores.
Because he thought he had to assimilate into him from the inside.
this kind of research feeling is a thing of his by nature.

He graduated from from the Glasgow university and worked in a law office.
In fact ,he is a person who has such a carrier.

"One more week later, I could have got the qualification acquisition of a lawyer.
But I left work. An anything reason?
Course, I was crazy." ,said he with full of playfulness.

He usually plays a trick on costars and says only a joke.
However, At the time of photography of this movie ,he carried through loneliness during waiting time to understand the painful circumstances of Phantom.

What did he do when he was riquested by the staff to threaten Emmy who played Christine
Because they wanted to shoot her most scaried face at the first scene she saw the real face pf Phantom ?

"I poured abusive language on her , by all words to hit on , with a look of an ogre.
She burst into tears by an excessive shock.I got upset...."

Did you become such a monster ?

"I have finished becoming the position from the heart as soon as I arrived at the set.
It takes five hours to make up specially and it takes three hours to tear it off.
If you did that make, you will be not able to bear it.

Because there is the room of Phantom in a point of a canal, you have to get into a boat to go to the place ,where it is very hot and humid."

In this movie you can see the special scene that is not seen in the original version.
It's the episode that Phantom in early days killed a man.

How was the boy's days of Gerard?

"It was presumptuous of to say by myself, I was very smart and was great at all kind of sports. I had nature to fit a leader. I was a captain of badminton club. Flip of the character that it is shy. I was cowardly boy. When I did shopping, I was uneasy to do it how if always wrong.

About the last scene of an impression ....
When he shows the change of his expression when he was made to tear off the mask, you will know his delicacy . It brought himself some kind of change to play this role.

"So far it was the most important that I became famous. But I intend to go for a more shocking work which arouses a controversy in future."


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