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TV Media Hot on Gerry!! Butler's Press Conference in Tokyo

Category: Dear Frankie News
Article Date: May 31, 2005 | Publication: Official Dear Frankie Japanese Website | Author: editors

Posted by: admin

The press conference for Gerard Butler held at a hotel (Cerulean Tower, Tokyu Hotel) in Tokyo was attended by more than 150 press agents.

Butler participated in the promotion of this film only in Japan. (That's not true, but the Japanese media likes to butter their readers up.) Butler said that the reason for that is because the Japanese phans in particular had largely supported the success of him as an actor playing the Phantom role in his previous film, POTO.

After the interview, Butler was presented with a bouquet of flowers in purple and blue hues specially designed after his images by a renown flower arrangement artist, Shogo Kayazaki, who is also a big Phan.


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