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Phantom Of the Opera In Japan! Butler Touched by the Massive Reception

Category: Dear Frankie News
Article Date: May 29, 2005 | Publication: | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

British Actor, Gerard Butler (35) who had a major screen success in "The Phantom Of The Opera" arrived in Narita Airport (Tokyo) on JAL flight from LA on the 29th to promote his latest film "Dear Frankie" (directed by Shona Auerbach, opens on 6/25).

As his sweet face, gentle expression, and sexy physique appeal to many women in their teens to 30s, his popularity is rapidly increasing. This is his second visit to Japan since this January, but this time, more than 2000 fanatic female phans rushed to the airport, and received him with the feverish cheers of welcome when he appeared at the lobby.

Gerard broke in smile and waived at the phans' heated cheers. "I wasn't expecting anything like this and am quite surprised, since there were hardly anybody here to greet me the last time. I am very touched by their passionate reception," Butler said.

A fans' event based on the keyword 'letter' in the film (DF) will be held at the Akasaka Post Office, Tokyo, on the 31st. Also a press conference will be held at a hotel in Tokyo.

(Photo: Gerard Butler smiles to the unexpected crowd of phans.)


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