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The Last Day In Japan. Gerry Worn Out.

Category: Dear Frankie News
Article Date: June 1, 2005 | Publication: Official Dear Frankie Japanese Website | Author: editors

Posted by: admin

Today, the last day in Japan, Gerry had a series of media interviews all day at his hotel. Last night, he attended the premier opening of "The Batman Begins." After enjoying the movie, he really got along with a Japanese director, Mahito Harada, and had a long discussion about films till late in the night. That could be why he looked a little tired the next morning. However, when he got reunited with LiLico with whom he got acquainted well at the POTO opening, he came alive and resumed his hard schedule of the day. After finishing up all the media interviews that continued till 7pm, he had a farewell dinner of ShabuShabu (a Japanese meat fondue dish) with the staff members (of WisePolicy?) and went to a bar in Azabu where you can lay around on tatami mat to enjoy the drinks. To everyone's surprise, Gerry actually fell asleep there. Even for Gerry who is always full of energy and generously attentive to fans' needs, the schedule he had in Japan for the past 3 days must have been really hard. Job really well done, Gerry, and thank you so much for coming here. See you again soon.


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