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Gerard Butler in "Dear Frankie"

Category: Interviews
Article Date: June 17, 2005 | Publication: Hanako (Japan) | Author: Hiroko Kaneko

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"Sir Phantom" With Soaring Popularity, 35, Single, ISO Love!

With POTO, still in the theatres, Gerard Butler rapidly became an international star. His next work is a small time film, "Dear Frankie" which took place in his homeland, Scotland. "I read this script while I was filming TR2 and training for POTO. Initially I kept wondering,''what is this story about? A deaf boy, a grandma who likes cigarettes, fish & chips, and a single mom....?' But in the midpoint, I realized it is a touching fairly tale, then I was captivated by it."

He plays a role of an enigmatic man who gets hired by the single mom and pretends to be the deaf boy's father for a day. His speaking part is limited, however, with his boorish loner image, his presence warmly embraces not only the mother and son, but the entire life on the screen.

"I've never played such a silent role before, but it was refreshing. For instance, there was a long, long silence between the mother and me before we kissed. This made me feel impatient and kept me wondering 'when?' (laughter) But this means that the emotion is really important in this movie."

Since he debuted in the States with "Dracula 2000" ( me: actually he debuted with "Attila" ) in 2000, he has been casted in the action films including "ROF," ('02) and "Timeline" ('03). He seemed to be a "New Action Hero" Yet, in POTO he showed his wealth of talent, and in this new film, he showed yet another new side of him.

"Before I went to the States, I was pretty skinny, and never have done any action stuff. After a hard training of 6 weeks, I looked at myself in the mirror and found myself looking like Schwarznegger from my neck down, and felt very weired. To be honest, action films are fun, but not so satisfying to me as an actor. So when I started filming, I felt as though I could breath again. Although this is a great film, I cannot always do these indy films since I didn't get paid. (laughter)"

Now he has the passionate young female phans who call him "Mr. Phantom."
When he arrived in Japan, many of those female phans rushed to welcome him at the airport.
"It was so beautiful! I was so happy that I called my mom right away, exaggerated and told her that I was greeted by 20,000 fans. (chuckle) I'm really close to my mom, and am going on a vacation with her. We're making the plan for it."

Hum, could the reason he's still single at the age of 35 be that he has a mother complex?
"Ha ha (laughter) good question! But no. I just haven't met a woman who accepts me the way I am. Would you (the woman interviewer) marry me?"

Sunny, but somehow Gerard seems a bit like a lone wolf. But of course, my answer is "Yes!"

GB.Net Note: Thanks to Keiko for the article and Mikiko for the translation.


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