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An unexpected jewel

Category: Dear Frankie Reviews
Article Date: July 8, 2005 | Publication: | Author: reviewer

Posted by: admin

Dear Frankie

I've purchased many items from Amazon based on reviews. The beauty of the net is you'll most often get the unbridled truth. So here's mine: If you're looking for a sweet, finely-crafted and moving story, get this one.

I admit it. I'm crazy about Gerard Butler. What I didn't expect was a story that had me in tears at the end. Emily Mortimer and Jack McElrone are superb as the mother & son. I particularly loved the supporting characters and the remarkable locations. As Americans, we rarely get such a telling glimpse into Scottish life and I was mesmerized.

Gerard Butler was perfectly cast as The Stranger. It is an extremely restrained role compared to the romantic heroes he has played and will be playing in the future (The Phantom, Attila, romantic lead in Tomb Raider2 and the upcoming Beowulf and Burns) but he brings it off superbly. He is an exceptionally fine natural actor, completely fresh and unspoiled, and I cannot wait to see him reach global stardom. In my opinion, he'll be another Sean Connery or Mel Gibson - a man every woman wants and a man every man wants to be.

The story resolution of Dear Frankie is not your typical Hollywood ending, but it's poignancy will touch your heart.


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