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Dear Frankie DVD Review

Category: Dear Frankie Reviews
Article Date: July 7, 2005 | Publication: Deseret News | Author: reviewer

Posted by: admin

"Dear Frankie" (Miramax, 2004, PG-13, $29.99). This warm and winning drama is a real gem from the British Isles. Young Frankie, who is deaf (and quite the lip-reader), has never had a home for very long. His mother Lizzie (Emily Mortimer) drags Frankie and Lizzie's mother from town to town, hiding from Frankie's abusive father.

Miramax Films
Frankie doesn't know the truth, either, that Lizzie has made up a father-at-sea who exchanges letters with his son, or that his loving mother has been writing the letters and then intercepting Frankie's replies.
Unfortunately, she's put the fictional father on an actual ship, and when Frankie discovers that the ship is due to arrive in Glasgow in a few days, she decides to hire someone quick to play the role. But the guy she hires (Gerard Butler) plays the part perhaps too well.
Completely charming and loaded with wonderful characters played by perfectly cast actors.
Extras: Widescreen, audio commentary (with director), deleted scenes, making-of featurette, interviews, trailers, optional French language, subtitle options (English, Spanish), chapters.


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